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J Cruise Travel is committed to providing quality service that is personal, consistent and professional.

 J Cruise Travel is committed to excellence in customer experience, integrity, and innovation in the field of travel management, including sales and service.

Lasting Travel Experiences

We believe that superior quality service is the most important thing we sell, as we seek to provide our customers with a positive travel experience delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness and individual pride. 

We’re here to help you plan your trip. Whatever the reason you’re traveling, we’ve got you covered. 

Building Memories Is Our Passion

Even if you only need to book a hotel because you’re heading to your family reunion in Petoskey, and you refuse to sleep in your Great Aunt Tallulah’s guest room because it smells like mothballs.

Make Memories

Cruises & General Travel Planning

While we can help in any area of travel planning, J Cruise Travel specializes in sending you on the most unforgettable cruises. We have many travel years of experience in the cruise line industry and feel that it helps lead our customers to the most satisfaction.

Planning for the vacation of a lifetime can be hard, stressful work. We will work with you to determine the best travel times, your personal needs, and budgeting concerns to experience your dream vacation!

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